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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions I get asked my potential customers. If you have a question that isn't answered please don't hesitate to contact me.

How many wedding cakes do you deliver on the same day?

The maximum number of wedding cakes I will take for any one day is 2 but this will depend on the timings and the styles of the wedding cakes involved. Some more complex designs will mean that I only take one booking. The maximum number of wedding cakes I take in one week is 4


How soon before the wedding will my cake be baked?

All my sponge cakes are baked fresh between 2-4 days before the day of the wedding. My fruit cakes are made a little further in advance as they need to be fed with alcohol!


Are your cakes finished in buttercream or with fondant?

You can choose which ever finish you would like! I am happy to work using either fondant or buttercream and if you cant decide we can create a cake that uses both!


What flavours and fillings do you offer?

I do not have a set selection of flavours as I want the whole cake to reflect the couple not just the decorations. Do you have a favourite drink as a couple? Can that be recreated in cake flavours? Past cakes have included Gin and Lemon, Disarrono and Coke, Bourbon and lime and Chocolate and Cointreau.


Can we mix-and-match cakes and filling?

Absolutely! I take great joy in creating something completely bespoke for each couple. You can mix up flavours and of course each tier can be a different flavour. During our consultation I can give guidance as to what flavour cake works well if you are wishing to have a tiered or structured hanging cake.

What kinds of ingredients do you use? Do you offer vegan or gluten-free options?

I am proud to offer a great tasting gluten free range of cakes and a vegan option as well. However as I bake from my home kitchen I can not guarantee that I am totally allergy free. No baker working from home, unless they do not have the allergens in their home, can guarantee that they are totally allergen free.

Can I book a consultation to discuss our cake and wedding day?

I always recommend meeting to discuss your wedding cake ideas. It allows me to get to know exactly what you want for your cake design and I get to know each couple a little better and you get to know me too. I am happy to meet at your home or in a public location, at a convenient time to us all. The consultation is free. We will discuss your whole wedding day, the role your cake will have in the day (will it be dessert? Will it be cut before the first dance?) What styles and designs you prefer and of course flavours.


Is a tasting included in the consultation? If not, how much will it cost?

I feel that it is important to meet each couple so will always offer a free consultation. However if you would like to sample the cakes before deciding on which flavours you would like I offer a tasting box containing 4 flavours at the cost of £10. When you contact me to arrange your consultation you can let me know which flavours you would like in your tasting box. You will not be expected to eat these in front of me! You can take them away and even share with family if you are feeling generous!!

Where can I see examples of your work?

Every cake that I make will be featured on my social media. To see the latest designs it is always best to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I also have a Pinterest page and short videos can be found on TikTok! You are here on my website and this is frequently updated with my work too! All work on my social media is mine and will either be real wedding cakes or cake designs I have created on cake dummies.

We have some inspiration for our cake and have a Pinterest board. Can you recreate them or do you create completely custom cakes?

I love looking at cake designs and Pinterest is a fantastic resource for organising your dream day. However the design that you pin belongs to the person who created that cake. It is unethical for me to exactly reproduce someone else’s creative work. However I am always happy to take those cake ideas and create a design that has the features that you like, ensuring that you have a completely bespoke cake for your special day. If you are really unsure of what design you would like then I am happy to discuss your preferences and budget in consultation so that you have a cake that suits your budget and theme of your day.


Can you make sugar flowers?

I love to create sugar flowers these are priced individually and priced separately as they are an additional decoration and one peony can take 5-6 hours to create!

We'd like to use fresh flowers on our cake. Can you work with our florist to do so?

Thats no problem! I often liaise with florists to discuss the flowers a couple would like on their cake all I ask is that when you are consulting your florist that you ask them to wrap all stems and sprays so that they are food safe. Please also take advice from your florist as to which flowers are best and safe to use on a cake.


How big should our cake be?

Your cake can be as big or as small as you would like it to be! Factors that control the size generally tend to be budget and number of guest. However I am happy to use dummy cakes if you wish to have a 6 tier wedding cake but only have 50 guests to feed!


How do you display the cake? Do you hire cake stands?

During the consultation I will discuss with you how you would like the cake presented to reflect the style or theme of your wedding. I do have cake stands available to hire at. A small additional cost and if you choose a hanging cake then the cost of the hanging stand is included in the cost of the cake.


Do you provide a dessert table service?

Yes! I am happy to meet the needs of each couple and new for 2020 I am offering a cake table that is a set price for a buttercream wedding cake and 4 items from a choice of 7 to create your dessert table


Is there a delivery fee?

The delivery and setup is included in the cost of the cake for all deliveries with in an approximate 10 mile radius of Wareham, Dorset.


How much is the deposit? When is it due?

The deposit to secure your date and cake is 30% of the total cost. This is required on completion of the booking form. Your booking will not be secure until both the booking form is signed and returned and the deposit has been paid.


When is final payment due?

The final payment is due 4 weeks before the wedding day. All other details can be found in my Terms and Conditions.

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